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And the big loser makes a room full of enemies at an auction house.

The guys play a game of copycat at the park while babysitting kids.

Arden Myrin is so horny because of all the denim and facial hair on the panel, Randy Liedtke nails Brendon Walsh's movie doppelgänger, and Brendon thinks Arden's actually just a bunch of mice in a human suit.

Comedian/actor Aasif Mandvi talks about his vices, actor John Ross Bowie is an open book about Heathers he's dated, and comedian Phoebe Robinson "Chers" a boob grazing story. Comedian songbird Bridget Everett nearly has a "Basic Instinct" moment, musical artist Kelis gets saucy, and the Walking Dead's Josh Mc Dermitt talks zombies and mullets.

Joe, Sal, Q, and Murr feel the wrath of disapproving focus groups after nonsensical presentations, and try to reach out and touch strangers at the mall with anything but their hands.

Plus, the guys must quit their job in front of an unamused crowd.

Finally, the big loser finds himself a little over dressed, and at the last minute has the runway pulled out from under him.

The guys conduct focus groups to sell their illogical inventions created by the other guys, then head to a shoe store where they get off on the wrong foot.

Plus, surprised strangers wish they could have their penny back for sharing their thoughts.Q, Sal, Murr and Joe use a two-way mirror to get each other to crack, and then hit a grocery to see who can sell the most samples.Plus, tonight's loser gets taken for a ride that ends with a visit to the Statue of Liberty.Then while servicing a wake, Michael brings a toy to life, and later, he stuns a museum worker by restarting the evolutionary process for a fossilized creature.Four friends compete to embarrass each other in the ultimate hidden camera showdown.

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