Who is dolph ziggler dating in real life

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I don't even Like, does my grandma have Sirius Radio?

Like, I don't know how How does she And, but otherwise, we're buddies.

In any case, it looks like Dolph Ziggler is dating Dana Brooke, and they look pretty happy together.

Should we start coming up with cute couple names for them now?

IGN recently published her interview where AJ Lee talked about her real life relationship with Dolph Ziggler:"The really funny thing is that somewhere along the way, Dolph and I and E became really good friends, which is so weird.

"I was actually flying home [when Schumer appeared on Stern's show] and turned on my phone off the plane to 78 voicemails or so. Having them to hear I was like, 'oh, this is so disgusting.' And somehow went out of their way to listen to it.

He also talked about partying with Lana in New York City during Summer Slam weekend and said they’re more than just friends now.

Earlier this week, a fan mentioned to Ziggler on Twitter that he thought Rusev and Lana were in a relationship, since the two purchased a home together in Nashville earlier this year.

She's so funny and I was a fan of hers and we She was supposed to do a show in Phoenix [Arizona] and she cancelled. Like, usually, I'm the killer funny one and I'm like, 'ah, she's funnier than me?

I kind of gave her crap on the internet saying 'don't go see her, she'll cancel the show,' but I guess she was sick for real, so" When asked whether it was difficult to date such a funny person, Ziggler claimed to enjoy the challenge.

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