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Here General Jim stands holding an authentic Communist Flag (c. I was recently commissioned by the Lord to paint a picture of an Islamic youth about to behead a Christian in the Middle East. Worth, Texas, as a warning to others that these types of barbaric acts against Christians will eventually spread worldwide. God’s Spirit declared (to us) that it was time for “Holy War” against the nations of the world.

I named the painting “Beheaded for Christ — Revelation 20:4” (5 ft. The Spirit also told us that God put Donald Trump into the office of President of the United States.

We have all the newspaper clippings to show the hype, and the records show everything was proven false.

(Remember those operations mentioned above – guess how much all that must have cost!

) So any allegations about General Deborah being “tight” with money is ABSURD.

We heard that 17 people died of that same flu, in a local Albuquerque hospital, receiving the best medical attention available. He opened the Kingdom doors, not to the racial Jews only, but now to every race, creed and color: but whosoever will enter through those doors, But take note: He does not save anyone who does not CONFESS and REPENT from and FORSAKE sin. WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON A BOOKLET SERIES, REVEALING THIS ONGOING "RED" REVOLUTION; WE'LL ANOUNCE ITS RELEASE IN THE FUTURE.

There is NO salvation / deliverance / security for those who deliberately refuse to comply with the requirements. FOR NOW, READThe Bolshevik Revolution, 1917 - 2017, HERE!!

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