The chase book dating

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Even though the book is about getting girls to chase you, he makes it clear that it's going to be rare for women to make the initial approach.

He says that now that he's at a more advanced level he gets approached more often, but not enough to rely on it.

So if you feel like you're the one always putting all the effort into your interactions with girls, this book can tell you the different reasons that might be happening.

A good thing about this book is that Amante stresses the importance of always meeting new women.When you combine this with some other techniques taught, the idea is that women will put a lot more effort into the interaction and will pursue you.The first part of the book talks about getting the fundamentals handled.At just over 400 pages, it's a really dense read and in places a slog to try and get through.Talks a lot about the importance of getting the fundamentals right, but some of these aren't covered in much detail or are slightly confusing.

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