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Granted, the and God knows what else, he has joined them all only to falter in the earlier stages.Even if he doesn’t win, it is a signal that hard work and patience will eventually pay off in due time.I personally feel that the local attendees, who made up a majority of the sold-out audience, deserved to at least know who are their local artistes, especially the bands, since they seldom appear on television through reasons only known by the people that matter in the production teams of television shows / events.I doubt it will hurt at all to make them walk the stage, be interviewed briefly and feel at home with the audience cheering them on, cos I think it is easier for the audience to warm up to the likes of Anyway am gonna end off this entry with additional photos I snapped of the other night’s awards recipients.Always give off your best, all the time and do not hold back, even if it’s a mere soundcheck or rehearsal.Of course, I would like to add about punctuality and respect as well.Respect for those interviewing you or those watching you.

Please give me a longer timeframe to do up my review and editing of the remaining 3000-odd photographs I have in store.

Anyway my heartiest congratulations go out to the newlyweds.

May The organisers received about 639 song submissions this year, almost doubled from the previous year, but it has to be said that the qualifying period for songs produced to be submitted in this year’s event has been extended by an additional six months, so as to make it more concurrent with the times.

Let’s start off with all the good and positive stuff that went on that night. For all the star-studded cast that had performed in those editions, it did not bring justice to their pedigree and reputation as outstanding acts in the region, since the sound system and acoustics of the venue were absolute letdowns.

Like a bad record, I had appealed on an almost annual basis for the event to return to had undergone a major refurbishment recently and it definitely promised a far-better viewing experience, not to mention the crystal-clear sounds.

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