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We wanted to have a rough balance between those tracts which were the joint production of several authors designed to express the views of a group such as the soldiers of the New Model Army; those tracts which were clearly the work of a single identifiable author (such as Richard Overton, John Lilburne, or William Walwyn); tracts by supporters of the parliamentary cause (such as William Prynne), and tracts which were written by critics or luke-warm supporters of the Leveller cause and which prompted often spirited replies from the Leveller leadership. Quam via enim demersæ sint leges alicujus opibus quimris tremilacta libertas, emergunt tamen hæc aliquande — nec vero ulla via imperii tinea est quæ prements metu possie esse diuturna. Sanctè suadetur, quod minus male utatur dominio illo; scils si vis.

Many tracts have multiple authors or were written anonymously. Testis est Phalarls, culus est preter cæteros nobilitata crudelitas — la quem universa Agrigentinorum moltitudo impertum, socit Quid? seu ex quo vis detinere, & exercert hoc dominium, utere illo iusle, utere The good VVomens Cryes against the Excise of all their Commodities.

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Pamphlets without any known author are described as “Anon.”. [o ] Verum postere die Senatu segniore in exequendis conatibus, per tædium, ac dis. WE cannot now set on the Pot, with a Sheeps-head dyd of the rot, Oynon nor Oatemell use God-wot; (pox take them:) When that we goe to salt our meat, or to make Pyes to bake and eat, this damn’d Excise lies in the heat that bakes them: We cannot wash our Smocks or Shirts, when we have gilded them by squirts, but straight in an Excise-man blurts, and smells too’t.After the illegibles have been corrected the text will be added to the main section of the OLL.“Gaze not upon this shaddow that is vaine, Bur rather raise thy thoughts a higher straine, To GOD (I meane) who set this young-man free, And in like straits can eke thee.The order in which the texts are listed in each volume is to place texts with detailed dates at the beginning (e.g. for Feather-beds, for Chairs, for Stooles; for Childrens Babyes, Caps for Fooles, and for all handy-crafts-mens tools, these Knaves stand Excise for Paper I must pay, or else my Muse must pine away; they care not what I write or say, in anger.18 October 1647) and texts with only the year at the end. Excise they have for Pots and Pans, for Pigins, Noggins, and for Cans, yet Harry Martins ware free stands, to bang her Excise as Aquvaite the Juncto hath to make them mighty; and when they’r warm’d, O then they’l fight, ye, with ten whores: Excise on Sugar browne and white, Excise on Candles that wee light, but when King Charles comes, then wee’l fight, and quit scores.

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