Russian church beliefs on dating

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This group group of believers sought permission to establish an "order" of monks but were rejected by the Pope Alexander III.The Pope refused Waldo's request to establish an order and forbade him to preach to people unless given permission by the local Bishop.Augustine believed a strong Church government was necessary for survival and ultimately defeating heresy.Unfortunately, this introduced abuse by the hierarchy of the governing church against those that would question the unbiblical doctrines introduced by various church leaders. immaculate conception and assumption of Mary, prayer to the saints as intermediaries, etc.At the council of Chalcedon, when the Western "Roman" church began to over reach its authority.

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They were persecuted by the Western Church (early Roman Catholicism), abandoned by the Eastern Church, and eventually persecuted by the Muslims with heavy taxation, beatings, and martyrdom.Which, everyone knew, would never happen so effectively, the Pope banned Waldo and his followers from preaching altogether.They continued to share the true gospel of forgiveness of sins but then mixed it with good works in similar fashion to the Roman Catholics at the time.Founded by John-Mark (author of the "Gospel of Mark") in the first century A.D., this church flourished under the authority of the Eastern Church (later to become the Eastern Orthodox church in 1054).

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