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Check the "Download" checkbox to download the PDF to your computer instead. Configure the page size, orientation, and font as you would like it, using the preset buttons to set standard paper sizes.

The calendar cells will automatically resize to fill up the paper.

The date and description should be separated by a comma or tab (automatically detected).

If the dates contain commas, you must use tabs as the delimiter. Times are ignored, unless they are part of the event description.

Enter font sizes in points, where 1 point = 1/72 of an inch.

If your font sizes are too big for the paper size, the calendar will display junk, so use the custom sizes carefully. What other features would you like to see on this calendar? Enter your wish in the box below to send me a message.

Separate the date and note with a comma (or tab), e.g.

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By default, the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is shaded in a light gray color. Click one of the preset font size buttons to automatically set the font sizes on the calendar.Generate a free, monthly calendar in printable PDF format using the form below.Configuration options allow multiple planning formats, such as desk calendar, wall calendar, or monthly planner.For world holiday information, you can obtain current year listings from Q Studio.Unfortunately, they have encoded the data, and it must be manually retyped for use in this calendar.

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