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But now she’s not going to just sit around and take it anymore. She’s got a revenge list, and she’s crossing off names now.

But something doesn't add up..."I can usually predict the endings of books but this one completely took me by surprise. Set in post-WWII Barcelona, this literary thriller centres around an obscure book discovered in a secret "cemetery for books" at the heart of the city. It just makes you question eveything you ever knew. That Taylor is dead, and this Taylor has been to Hot Topic, bitch. “I don’t like your little games / Don’t like your tilted stage / the role you made me play, the fool / No, I don’t like you,” she snarls. Gone is the Taylor who sang about magnanimously forgiving her enemies, or the one who bopped around shake-shake-shaking it off while the haters hate-hate-hated. And especially fuck Kanye West, whose floating stage seems to get a name check."I literally threw the book down and yelled "holy sh! I love all of his books but I would even say this might be my favourite book ever and considering how many books I read that is insane."–Rachel Ireland Get a copy or get the audiobook.Set amidst the French Revolution, this classic keeps you guessing through cases of mistaken identity and fake-outs."There is so much in the book, that every time I read it I find something new that foreshadows the ending but the first time I read it I was not prepared for the plot twist!! A lawyer finds out his own son in linked to a murder case he's prosecuting. "One of my favorites, because I never saw it coming!

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