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A “Tier I offender” means an individual convicted of a Tier I offense who is not a Tier II or Tier III offender.

“Tier II offender” means either a Tier I offender convicted subsequently of another Tier I offense, or an individual convicted of a Tier II offense who is not a Tier III offender.

Jones Esq., NOTE: On January 14, 2015, the Sex Offender Registration Act MCL §28.722(s) was amended to add engaging or offering to engage the services of a minor for purposes of prostitution, MCL §750.449a(2), to the list of crimes constituting a Tier I offense. For a youthful offender who in Junior High or early High school was otherwise an innocent adolescent convicted during a relationship with a childhood sweetheart, the new amendments to Michigan’s Sexual Registry Act provide a “Romeo and Juliet” exemption that allows a “minor” as defined by the act, who was convicted for a sexually related offense including a CSC, relief from the registry listing as a sex offender under SORA that may otherwise extend for many years beyond their 18th birthday.

MCL §28.722(u) was amended to add commercial sexual activity involving a minor, MCL §750.462e(a), to the list of crimes constituting a Tier II offense. A petition under SORA is the sole means by which an individual may obtain judicial review of his or her registration requirements.

The State Police are seeking the public’s help in locating these fugitives, so that we can ensure they comply with the sexual offender registration law, which is a public safety measure that allows members of the public to be aware of high risk sex offenders who live or work near them.

However, if the conviction occurred in another state or country and the individual is a resident of this state, the individual may file a petition in the circuit court of the county of his or her residence for an order allowing him or her prior to sentencing or disposition, to be exempt from registration or afterward to discontinue registration under this act only.

Petitioning for Removal from the Sex Offender Registry, PREPARED BY Michigan State Appellant Defenders Office (SADO) 2012 NOTE: Individuals who are currently on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry may only submit a petition for removal ONCE.

For the last two days state troopers, assisted by local officers from Chelsea and Cambridge, checked addresses, conducted surveillance and followed up on tips provided by the public in their search for HALLE.

Today, troopers and Chelsea Police officers located and arrested HALLE without incident at 321 Spruce Street, Chelsea.

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