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Shane’s dad (a firefighter) rescues a dog (Dewey) and put’s Shane in charge of finding his owner.

Shane & Dewey clash at first but grow to appreciate each other through a string of adventures until Dewey’s real owner finds him.

In New Orleans in 1939 this is the adventure of a German Shepherd named Charlie and little orphan girl.

Double crossed by his former partner Charlie must get his revenge on his nemesis while protecting his charge.

Fearing the worst for their family, these three set out on an incredible journey to find them.

A recent divorcee is pushed back into the Internet dating world by a pushy friend.

She goes through a list of disasters until she meets someone she likes, just as another potential falls into her lap.

Andi & Bruce are foster children lost in the system who find themselves a stray dog to adopt.

One dog leads them to more and they Team up with other neighborhood kids, they begin to take in strays from all over the city & it almost costs them a safe home.

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