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Elizabeth Ours (7315)1,1,1 was born on Jan 12, 1786 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 She died in 1829.3 12 v. Ours (7316)1,3,1,1 was born on Dec 19, 1788 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 13 vi.Sarah Ours (7317)1,1,1 was born on Apr 3, 1791 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 She married William Weese (7327) on Oct 22, 1809 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 She died on Nov 2, 1880 at age 89.3 14 vii. --) Ours (7326)3,3,3 was born in 1794 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 He/she died on Sep 5, 1795 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 15 viii. Ours (7322) was born in 1810 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.A son, "Sigmon" was born that year in "Hampshire" County. Most likely they were buried in the cemetery next to the Brake Church in the row of unmarked graves adjacent to Sigmon and his family.John Our and family lived thru the dangerous times of the French and Indian Wars on their South Branch Manor leasehold John died 1788-1790. John Godfrey Our, who had traveled with them from Singen, was restless and over the years lived in Hardy, Rockingham, Monongalia and Harrison counties. Their children included Nicholas, John, Henry and Sarah. Godfrey and Anna Maria probably remained near Buckhannon.Johann Elias Auer married Catharina Barbara Matthias 21 Jan. Severe economic conditions and lack of opportunity were surely motives.

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Anna Marie Ours (7314)1,1,1 was born on Nov 22, 1784 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 She died on Apr 7, 1873 at age 88.3 11 iv.bloc is a talent agency representing choreographers, dancers and extreme athletes for feature film, episodic and commercial television, live stage and theatre performances, industrials, music videos, and print.Page 1 Descendants of Johan Elias Ours (Auer) (7310) Generation One 1.Nicholas3 Ours (7085) was born on Aug 15, 1786 at Virginia. Sigmon / Cichman2 Ours (7117) (Johan1 Ours (Auer))7,1,3,1,1,3 was born in 1755 at Hampshire, Virginia.8,9,1 He married Mary Simon (7312) in 1780 at Pendleton, (West) Virginia.1 He died on Sep 5, 1844 at Hampshire, (West) Virginia.1 He died on Sep 15, 1844 at Hardy, (West) Virginia.3 He was buried in 1844 at Brake Cemetery, Grant, (West) Virginia.3 __________________________________________________________________________ Page 3 He moved to the Buckhannon settlement about the time of the murder of the Bozarth family, near Lorentz, and his sons John Ours, Nicholas Ours Sr., and Henry Ours Sr., were among the first residents and settlers in the Buckhannon Valley.He married Mary Ann "Nansy" Casto (7086), daughter of William Casto (7087) and Hannah Bonnett (7088), on Sep 10, 1815 at Harrison, (West) Virginia. Chichman Ours was a soldier in the War of 1812.7 He was also known as (7117) Seakman.

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