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Will Chanamon be able to go back to her normal life?Will Tun and Maya be able to finally really start dating? At the same time, she also has to escape from the ghost of the driver who she had gotten into a wreck with.Naamrin doesn't remember how she killed him or if she really did but begins to sense that she probably was a factor of his death.Then join free at Singleandmature.com, and realise that it's never too late for you to find that special someone who can fill your life with love and happiness once again. Finding time You're an expat here but you're certainly not alone.Zurich is an attractive city for multinational companies to set up headquarters and bring employees from all over the world.

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When they both found out that she's a spirit, she begs for his help and annoys him everyday requesting him to do many things for her, even getting her new clothes. They gradually fall in love but both deny their feelings to each other when confronted by one another.

Yeeo (Mark) is a police officer that happened to be bicycling pass the scene and hears the call on his police radio.

He gets to the scene and watches paramedics pull out Naamrin's road rival, whose car had plunged into the nearby lake.

He then meets the spirit, Naamrin, who doesn't know that she's dead.

Yeeo picks up a necklace that parted from her during the wreck and tucks it into his pocket.

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