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Of the cases where a perpetrator had been identified, more than half of the murders (57.1%) were by an intimate partner.The researchers made the statistical assumption that the perpetrator data was missing at random and that “one would get the more or less the same intimate/non-intimate distribution in the cases with the missing data”, Prof Carl Lombard, director of the MRC’s biostatistics unit and study co-author, said.“There are all sorts of statistical ways to deal with missing data, but if you have the majority of the data…The sample of cases was then weighted to be nationally representative.

Of course, the overall murder rate increased by almost 13% in the past 4 years.” © Copyright Africa Check 2017.

To learn some basics about the local business etiquette is imperative for being successful in doing business in a foreign country.

Locals will appreciate your efforts and you will avoid cultural faux-pas.

In April 2011, Doreen partnered with fashion blogger, journalist and advocate for South African designers, Milisuthando Bongela to bring Me Me Me to Johannesburg.

Me Me Me Joburg is a combination of the good value of this 10-year-old brand & Miss Milib’s Pulchritude initiative, in which she brought new designers to various Joburg markets in 2010 & 2011.

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