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It's a sad commentary that we are all desperate to find new Claire content:( - :)On the other hand, I'd love to know who this model is!

Is there any scuttlebutt from industry-attuned people in AZ on the reason for FTVX’s perma-delay?

His FTV girlfriend Melody stated he suffered a loss as well, not sure if its this or some other calamity as not you, but many others here have begged her to make a comeback. And again, it's highly unlikely she'll make that comeback while she's still [email protected]

I not really trying to stalk her or beg her back to XXX, but I believe with her fan base she could make lot extra money from her pass films, just by having friendly link to fan giving Thats why she did it in first place to make fast money.

Indeed, plus it doesn’t help that people close to Rob and the website drop cryptic, ambiguous or sarcastic statements (like Melody and Leyden) and expect fans to settle down.

Hell, some people are noting that the FTV website itself has been slowing down in updates and using non-Rob photography more frequently compared to past years.

Like I said, he probably wants to do other stuff rather than be stuck another decade as an aged porn site manager, he has the luxury of good career mobility compared to older porn company managers and the hordes of younger pro-am bro’s out there.

Well if Rob is abandoning porn then he needs to be honest with people instead of stringing everyone along for months on end with promises of an FTVX launch that still has not happened.

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I mean if you can promise the launch date of the site this many times and then not come through, whose to say that once you get a bunch of subscribers that you will actually update the site on a regular basis and give people their money's worth?

She was living with her mom at the time so she was doing her best to be quiet which is pretty cute.

She squirted at the end while fingering her ass."I’m pretty sure (given the bulk of such data) that the raw footages are fine if he practiced basic bulk storage practices and backups but it sounds like the work in progress and finished cuts he made for the site footage got lost, which are a giant time sink if he was the only guy editing the video.

The guy’s filthy rich and doesn’t need to sell porn at this point to make it further, not to mention the industry has changed several times since he started and he might be tired of being the classy springboard for new models. Honestly, I don't really suspect that catastrophic data loss or loss of model release forms...

I think this just boils down to pure laziness, complacency and an outright disregard for the faithful fans that are/were really looking forward to the FTVX launch.

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