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Pead diagnosed child 8 years ago and i have been constantly under them. I agree they cant do it without him, but are they taking the test tomorrow or needing a chat as i have not met this department before but have been in the system for years with the people she works along side with such a the pead. if its not the right thing then we will have such a long wait again..

but i have been saving to go private too as i think two results are better than one and today i found out that if one is inconclusive but the other isnt they will still listen to the other..

we are propoaing to go ahead with arranging for you to complete an ADOS assessment for your child. In preparation for this appointment it would be very helpful if you and your childs teacher complete the enclosed assessment papers. They had already been to school to see him in a social environment and this was more a 1-2-1.

I am now reading this as it is just for me to attend?? We were in the room with him but sat back and he was sat at the table with one lady and another was taking notes.

They played stop and start type games that he had to request by either giving eye contact or saying 'ready, steady, go' In between they'd ask me if he displayed certain behaviours at home if he didn't always respond whilst there. I then left for 30 mins whilst they discussed him, along with his nursery teacher and his early autism support worker.

When I got back they asked me various questions on how he behaved at home, eg odd he like his haircut, how did he respond to changes in routine, how he usually played etc.

I had given them a print out of the dla questions id recently written so they didnt need to ask me much. What questions do they ask you or your son or do you mean they play with your son and ask you questions? I have just rec'd a letter for my child for an ADOS assessment? So for example, they recreated a teddy bears tea party with birthday cake to see if he would feed the bears or cut the cake.

Pead diagnosed child 8 years ago and i have been constantly under them. she said that in what she could tell me that she had noticed some things in the assessment but would not say anymore. i told her march and she siad that she would arrange an appointment closer than that. I hope that some of our members will come along who have been through this assessment already; my reply will bump your thread higher up the board. He was observed playing & filmed for an hour, we went away for 30 mins & they asked questions after. Hi Holly, my son is 4 in April and he had his ADOS test in nov. He has words for objects and people etc but doesn't really use them in conversation. The Diagnosis: what to expect - | autism | Asperger syndrome | may also help Holly.Isnt it a mind field even though i thought i was there but i think this has come about again as i dont want drugs for child and they say well he cant be that bad but others that take care of him too say he is and i think that is what this is about.I will take all reports i have but i know the pead has got them all but who knows if the ados testers have seen copies etc..

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