Evan lysacek dating vera wang

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Wang, a former figure skater herself, helped create outfits for other athletes, such as Michelle Kwan , in the past.A Wang confidante says she is working on future ensembles for Lysacek, but that it could all depend on where his skating career takes him. Lysacek has worked with many choreographers over the years, including Oleg Epstein [10] [] and Kurt Browning. Vera Wang, 63, denies affair with year-old Olympic figure skater as she opens up about marriage breakdown By Sadie Whitelocks Published: Retrieved February 27, GP Cup of China.Our first source says Lysacek has been spotted in a white Bentley and with a large, flashy Rolex recently.Meanwhile, Wang, who wed Becker at the Pierre Hotel in 1989 and has two daughters with the businessman who works closely with her company, allegedly gave herself a makeover that has nothing to do with tulle.Becker helped finance Wang’s label when she was struggling in 1989, and it’s believed that he ran the business-side of Wang’s empire over the past two decades.Early reports about the divorce indicated that Becker had grown tired of being seen as and referred to as “Mr. I didn’t think much beyond when I first read about the divorce. Maybe Vera Wang isn’t ready to compete solo just yet.

He trains at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, Calif., which is approximately 25 minutes from Beverly Hills.

Naturally, a series of unnamed people-in-the-know told the According to an insider, 27-year-old Olympic champion figure skater Evan Lysacek moved into Wang’s Beverly Hills mansion last month.

The source says the 63-year-old fashionista offered Lysacek the opportunity “to stay there for a while.” The status of their current relationship, however, is unclear even to those closest to them.

Vera Wang's name is synonymous with wedding dresses, but she is just as likely to have designed a gorgeous ice-skating costume. She was impressed with Lysacek's line and how that could be enhanced by simple clothing with thoughtful embellishment." data-reactid="28"Wang, once an elite skater herself (who still takes to the ice), worked with Lysacek to make his costumes for both his long and short programs this season.

skater Evan Lysacek, who will skate for gold during tonight's men's free skate.(who still takes to the ice), worked with Lysacek to make his costumes for both his long and short programs this season.

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