Error occurred while updating program modules

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Return Code=0C Action=Request VSAM failed to read data as requested.The error may be caused by such conditions as VSAM finding an unformatted record when expecting a formatted record, a volume containing data other than expected, or an I/O error.Variables should be prefixed by For convenience, the filename does not need to be quoted as long as it contains only alphanumeric characters, underscores, dots or forward slashes.Names containing any other characters should be quoted.PROGRAMMER ACTION: Change your application program to avoid attempts to open an ACB that is already open.Return Code=08 Action=Request VSAM encountered end of file (during sequential retrieval), or the search argument is greater than the highest existing key (or relative record number) in the file.of the specified name is defined in the same file, or in a file from which the current template has been called (i.e.

Return Code=04 Action=CBMN The GENCB BLK = operand does not specify an ACB, RPL, or EXXLST, or the operand has been omitted from MODCB, SHOWCB, or TESTCB. Return Code=08 Action=OPEN OPEN found an invalid control block structure for this ACB.PROGRAMMER ACTION: Ensure that your program provides a properly generated ACB and does not inadvertenly overlay the ACB before opening it. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Change your application program to avoid attempts to close an ACB that was never opened, has already been closed, or was erroneously modified to to appear closed.Return Code=00 Action=Request VSAM detected an end-of-volume condition.PROGRAMMER ACTION: Ensure that in the SYNAD exit routine your program issues a DUMP macro.Save the dump you obtain and the SYSLOG output for later problem determination.

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