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Consumers have filed complaints dealing with steering issues, engine problems, fuel system defects, window issues, and airbag lights.

The problems have been so frequent that Car has warned consumers to beware of these vehicles.

Nissan Altima has been added as another vehicle to the list of cars with troubling transmissions.

For the past few years, many drivers have been complaining of Nissan Altima transmission problems, most notably stuttering between gears, hesitation, sputtering, vibration, not shifting properly, and even complete transmission failure.

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Since my friend Scott just sits over the wall from me, I asked him for a baking assignment.Don't think you've done something wrong if your bowl isn't running over with juice.Actually, if you find that you have more juice than lemon-segments, then something didn't go right.The only place where I think I missed the mark, was the crumb.While it was a beautiful cake, I felt it just wasn't the dense, super tight-crumbed pound cake I had hoped for. As a matter of fact, the one comment I kept hearing from everyone was that this cake was way better than Starbucks! Carefully zest four of the lemons, being careful to avoid the pith (the white part that live right below the yellow part of the lemon).

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