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To Papmarko, algorithms are a lazy outsourcing of a skill that requires the personal touch.

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First was Los Angeles Ph D student Chris Mc Kinley, who applied his mathematical skills to Ok Cupid to “hack” their algorithms, transforming his empty inbox into a treasure trove of compatible mates and, 88 dates later, a marriage proposal (and, perhaps inevitably, a buzzed-about ebook, Optimal Cupid).

The new Lavalife will use name, basic details, a photo and “some fun questions, like what you like to do.” Personality quizzes and philosophical questions are long gone, since they’re mostly wrong anyhow.

A recent survey by Beautiful, online dating for beautiful people only, found more than half of online daters lie — or tell selective truths, exaggerate, or fall victim to wishful thinking (hence the beauties-only screening process).

“We want to put the agency back into your hands,” Civiero says. “Swiping ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at a picture is for someone wanting something fast,” she says.

A hasty match can disappear as fast as it appeared, as could Tinder itself.

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