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Younker and Élisabeth Lesnes “The Big Bad Wolves of the Ancient Near East Speak: Royal Apologetic in Context” by Andrew Knapp “Göbekli Tepe: Neolithic Gathering and Feasting at the Beginning of Food Production” by Jens Notroff & Oliver Dietrich “Silk Textiles in the Southern Levant” by Orit Shamir and Alisa Baginski Click here to download this e-book for free!Articles in this issue include: “Discovering Genesis” by Iain Provan “Sumerian Art and Modern Art from Gudea to Miró” by Pedro Azara “The Land before the Kingdom of Israel: Asking New Questions of Old Data” by Brendon C.Benz “The VALUE project: Video Games and Archaeology at Leiden University” by Aris Politopoulos Click here to download this e-book for free!

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e-book with the theme of “Passover as Jesus Knew It.” Leading scholars James Strange, Eric Meyers, Helen Bond, James Charlesworth, and Adela Yarbro Collins discuss different aspects of Passover in Jesus’s time, from the rituals he would have celebrated, to the political environment he encountered in Jerusalem.

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