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But she wasn't able to be honest about the incredible mental illness that was eating at her.

Despite being on top of the world, Holdsclaw retreated from people, trying to lock herself in a shell.

She was the first round draft pick for the WNBA after graduating from Tennessee, joining the Washington Mystics and being named Rookie of the Year.

What happened was I had been doing advocacy work at different universities and one of the top writers at the , and he’s reading the story and he’s really like, “Wow, this is great!

” He does social consciousness documentaries and he’s like, “Man, why do I know this young lady? Holdsclaw.” And he called one of his childhood friend and one of his best friends, Lon Babby, and Lon’s like, “Oh yeah, that’s one of my clients!

Then she went on to play on the gold-medal winning US Women’s Olympic team.

It would seem to the outside world that she was at the top of her game, but inside, Chamique was struggling with depression and emotional issues she’d been ignoring since she was a kid, and things were about to come to a head.

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