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Built at the end of the Ottoman Empire, the pile belonged to an aristocratic family whose patriarch, after the formation of the Lebanese state, donated the building to Beirut—on the condition that it become a museum after his death, which it did in 1961.The museum stayed open, if not always active, throughout Lebanon’s fifteen years of civil war, which began in 1975, then closed for a major renovation in 2008.I would rather build bordellos.”“Some museums are bordellos,” says Gioni, who is moderating the event, without missing a beat.Just as the stories of Salam and the Aishti Foundation are couched in a lot of history and context, Khoury’s comments are framed in a rather formalist discussion featuring Adjaye (diplomatic), the Swiss artist Pamela Rosenkranz (timid), and the Beirut-based artist Rayyane Tabet (highly entertaining).Others simply left behind the things they no longer wanted.The collection, which stands today at just under a thousand works, became eclectic at best.I strain to understand why the owners and directors of seemingly every major gallery from Los Angles, Mexico City, New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Zurich have rushed into this small third-world city that is perpetually troubled and currently in the midst of a garbage crisis, next door to the most gruesome civil war of the century so far, and suffering from serious economic anemia and a totally dysfunctional government, which is nevertheless cracking down on protesters who, for two months now, have been challenging the state’s ineptitude.And yet, the white rabbit who we’ve all eagerly followed here is surely, or at least allegorically, none other than Tony Salam, the retail fashion impresario, founder and CEO of Ashti (an empire of department stores, spas, high-end shops, restaurants, a few magazines, and more), who became a megacollector in a heartbeat and is now the art-world phenomenon of our moment.

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A fiercely loyal crowd of 3,500 people—including artists, socialites, politicians, and pop stars—turned out for the opening.“It’s super exciting that people are starting to trust the museum.And it’s important they see that Sursock has a role to play.The fifteen-million-dollar upgrade and expansion dragged on for years.In the meantime, a generation of upstart organizations such as Ashkal Alwan and the Arab Image Foundation took Beirut’s contemporary art scene to an entirely different place.

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