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I say you need to break things off for right now, Remain friends & then if it is that big of a thing & you are for sure try it out again when she is at least 16 closer to 17. I don't buy that nothing sexual has happened, otherwise, you would have been a friend, not a boyfriend who is dating this girl.

I am glad that the girl's father has stepped up and told you to back off.

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I'm a young adult (~ 20 years old ) and never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. My advice is don't do it because it's "wrong" (it isn't) or because it's illegal (so's pot), but don't . In State B, sex with an individual under 16 years of age is illegal if the other.

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27 01 - I am a 17 year old girl dating a 20 year old could he get introuble with the . Is it illegal for a 17 year old and 19 year old to have sex!? If your under 18, nobody two years or older can have sex though im not sure if its exactly two years . Including initiating sex at a old 20 17 year dating time had a dance at and old the end he still. If you're over 16 and are charged with sexual activity with a 13-15 year old , you are more likely to end . Such a situation might exist between a 16 or 17 - year - old student and a . 16 08 - teens (16 and 17 ) navigating their first year of sexual activity. 19 04 - The age of consent in New York City is seventeen years old . Many teenagers first become sexually active before the age of 17 . Think of it this way: Imagine being 17 and dating someone six years younger than you.

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It is illegal to have sex with him, because the age of consent in California is 18.

Sexual activity is illegal under any circumstances for under-13 year olds . would be illegal , as would relations between a 17 - year - old and a 25- year - old ... a 15- year - old can consent to having sexual intercourse with a 20 - year - old , but not .

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